Malcantone – LP vinyl

New album « Malcantone » out June 11th on Feel It Records, SDZ & Le Pop Club Records

1. St. Bernard
2. Selfish Spoiled Child
3. Malcantone
4. Country Side Love
5. Put me in Jail
6. Hardship
7. Tell me
8. I belong to you
9. Throwback in the snow
10. Bitter Man

LEOPARDO started as a solo project with debut album « Di Caprio » in 2018. It then became a band, with musicians from Fribourg and Tessin’s underground music scene (Switzerland). Together they released a second album, « Is It An Easy Life ? » in 2019. Although the project started with optimistic and romantic love songs (which they sometimes still write), time came for the band to explore other aspects of life and love, mostly on the bad sides, which can be heard in their latest record « Malcantone ».

Drawing inspiration from the pessimistic school of philosophers and paying tribute to Robert Walser and his love for unhappiness and mountains, this new atmosphere naturally impacted Leopardo’s music, adding to the « Velvet Underground-kinda-sound” a dissonant country/post-punk crooner aesthetic, sprinkled with nonchalance. Almost all members of Leopardo were living together at Spazio Morel in Lugano, and late at night they sure listened to a lot of Country Teasers, Lou Reed and Michael Hurley.


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