Mumbo Jumbo – LP vinyl

OUT Jan 14th – 2022
Le Pop Club Records/ Atypeek Music/ Ganache Records

1. Talk To Me Don’t Talk to Me
2. Your Scare
3. Ghost
4. Summer is Gone
5. Second Line Parade
6. The Rock Bottom
7. Full Moon Odissey part
8. Black Dog
9. Lost in Space
10. A-OK
11. Time After Time
12. This Someone

Let’s cut to the chase, for a change. What do you want from a real rock band? First: style. Second: sound. Third: songs. In no particular order. The rest, my friends, is irrelevant, three sheets to the wind, cold fish and such, nothing but a lame reason for hanging around at the bar. Meanwhile, on stage, DRAGON RAPIDE give it the works. With the tension, the electrifying tension, the high voltage of the trio, of friction, stripped down to the bone. When there’s only three of you, you’re not allowed to go wrong, to take some downtime, to slow down.

They’ve understood it perfectly: Sylvain (guitar/vocals), Jimmy (bass), and POG (drums). They’ve understood it because they’ve learnt, to the point of sweating blood, and even worse, on every (every!) possible stage, from the least likely to the most prestigious. They just got a bit tighter, that’s all. In Clermont-Ferrand, where that kind of lesson is quickly learnt, Dragon Rapide grew, here and there, thankfully in a cellar, but also under the sun, when the most naked pop quickly takes bright red colours, and even peels a little. The Dragon drank the very substance in one gulp, the one that still gives handsome erections, so as to write the logical follow-up to the great works of Nada Surf, Teenage Fan Club, Travis and other independent rock heroes of the last century, when people knew how to write guitar songs and to shimmy to driving rhythms.

However, the mix is subtle. A few perfectly trimmed verses, a couple of beautiful choruses and you let yourself go, slightly drunk, on the narrow line between textbook pop and the big punk grater, something kind of rough, let’s face it, and quite light at the same time, go figure… The recipe has been tried and tested, all that remains is for it to sound as it should, and the Dragon, if it is quick – Rapide – is also elegant, down to its claws.


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