Sabbat Matters - LP vinyl

GLORIA – new album “Sabbat Matters” – March 5th 2021
Le Pop Club Records/ Howlin’Banana/ Outré

01. Sabbat Matters
02. Holy Water
03. Space Rocket
04. Miss Tambourine
05. Skeletons
06. You Had It All
07. Back In Town
08. Dance With Death
09. Night Biting
10. Global Warning

​ GLORIA is psych girl group from France, leaded by a trio of female singers and founded by producer/guitarist Kid Victrola. Like a family chasing the sixties lost paradise, trying to unravel the mystery of ancients girl pop, Gloria plays folk, pop, garage, like in a fuzz and harmonies cooking pot. They bring together the Shangri La’s and the Small Faces, along with Motown and 90’s indie pop.

After their critically acclaimed first LP in late 2016 (In Excelsis Stereo- Howlin’ Banana records), their equally acclaimed 6 tracks Mini LP in 2018 (Oidophon Echorama – Howlin’ Banana/Ample Play records) and extensive touring through Europe, Gloria is coming back in 2020 with a new full length LP Sabbat Matters, still curving space time for a trip in the vintage of the future.
Their new record is again firmly rooted in vintage girl pop, with a slightly more rocking and dark atmosphere, mixing their wall of sound with metaphysic wandering and evocations of a lost antic pagan heaven.

Gloria notably appeared on the 2017 edition of French festival Les Transmusicales de Rennes as a discover, and has been picked up by KEXP as their selection of the festival highlights.


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