Asile – LP double vinyl + cd

Limited Edition Double Vinyl (500 copies)
OUT oct 5th – 2018

The Rebels of Tijuana will release in 2018 a double album « Asile » recorded on analog tape at the Back To Mono Studio with Christian Hierro. Shifting into surreal French, the songs journey into past influences and current nuggets, embracing a poetic horizon endowed with psychedelic pleasures and cinematic pop. Gram Parsons, Nino Ferrer and other heroes from the seventies whirl in the ring of light.

1. Lydie S.
2. Erotique
3. Qu’on aime taire
4. Et le blizzard s’estompe

1. Celui qui danse
2. Tous ces mots
3. Strange Effect
4. Dans les vagues sous ma peau

1. Teddy S.
2. Biche
3. Ne t’en vas pas maintenant

1. Massage
2. Quand j’étais chanteur
3. Cavalcade


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